Frequently Asked Questions
Who is MediaNet?
MediaNet is a pioneering business-to-business music technology company, powering music for the world's most important brands and streaming services. Since MediaNet launched its first streaming music service in 2000, it has been the trusted provider of music technology for music services including: Beats Music, Songza, Dubset, Pulselocker, Target, Gaana, Univision Uforia, eBay, Tesco, and many more.
What is the MediaNet Claiming Portal (MCP)?
The MCP is a tool created and operated by MediaNet which allows rights holders to claim ownership of the musical works in MediaNet's catalog. Initially, ownership claims will be used to verify ownership of content used on the MediaNet service from 2013-2016. Your ownership information will then be used to distribute ongoing royalties for MediaNet use. View a video of the claiming portal here.
How do I log in to the MCP?
If you are an NMPA member and have opted into an agreement with MediaNet, you should have received an email providing your login information. If you have not received this email, please contact MediaNet support.
What if I'm not an NMPA member or have not opted into an agreement with MediaNet?
MediaNet will be opening the MCP to all publishers later in 2018. If you'd like to be contacted when we expand our MCP offering, you can sign up to be notified here.
How do I log into the MCP?
Navigate to the MCP login page and enter the credentials provided to you by MediaNet. You will be required to update your password upon first login.
How do I claim my content in the MCP?
There are three ways you can claim content in the MCP:

(1) Upload a file of your catalog in CWR format using the MCP upload tool. CWR (Common Works Registration) is a standard format for the registration and revision of musical works.

(2) Upload a file in our alternative xlsx template, which captures the relevant details of your musical repertoire in an easy-to-use, spreadsheet format. You may download it from here.

When using the xlsx template:


  • Follow the directions in the "instructions" tab. Missing data in the compulsory fields will cause your file to be rejected.
  • Add as many of the non-compulsory fields as possible, to help improve the number of matches.


  • Alter the layout of the XLSX format in any way, or your file may fail to upload

Once formatted, navigate to "My Catalog" in the MCP and click the "Upload" button. After you upload, the MCP will programmatically match your catalog of musical works with MediaNet's sound recording catalog.

(3) Use "Track Search" to manually search the MediaNet catalog for single sound recordings that embody your musical work, and make individual ownership claims.
How do you match my works to sound recordings?
We use a matching algorithm that compares the information you provide about your works with the information we have in our database about our sound recordings. The more information you provide about your works, the more likely we are to auto match it to a sound recording.

Here are a few other things that are useful to know about matching:
  • Manually registered works (those not uploaded) will be auto-matched to sound recordings once per week
  • When a work is deleted, the claims (matches) are also deleted
  • Manual matches take priority over auto matches. This means that auto-matches do not change previously made manual matches, and manual matches DO change previously made auto matches
  • We don't validate the ISWC you upload. If you upload an incorrect ISWC you're unlikely to get it matched to a track
Should I upload works for which I am not the Royalty Administrator?
No. Upload only those works for which you are the Royalty Administrator. If you upload works for which someone else is the Royalty Administrator (e.g. you have a co-publishing agreement, where the other party administers royalties) it may result in conflicts, which will delay payment of your royalties
What happens if someone else claims my works?
The MCP is built to resolve any claiming conflicts quickly and programmatically. When the sum of ownership claims for a musical work is greater than 100%, you will receive an email notification. Log in to the portal, go to "My Claims" and search for "Match Status - In Conflict" to see all your conflicts. Contact MediaNet support to obtain the contact information of the other claimants. Make sure you include the name of the sound recording in conflict.

You may address these conflicts in one of three ways: The claiming parties can:
  1. jointly reduce the claims to equal 100% or less
  2. agree to a pro rata share based on the claim overage (for example if one publisher claims 50% and another claims 100%, these are reduced to 33.33% and 66.66% respectively)
  3. leave the registration claim in conflict

Once a conflict has been resolved, you may update this information in the MCP or email MediaNet support with the details of your resolution. Please note that any royalties due for musical works with conflicting claims will be held by MediaNet until the conflict is resolved.
What if some of my catalog changed ownership between 2013-2016?
In the event that catalog ownership changed during this matching period, the owners must contact MediaNet support directly. You will need to provide your Support Representative with the ownership splits of each work, for each month between 2013-2016. The resulting play and payment data will be shared with all conflicted publishers.

You can use this information to resolve your conflict using one of the methods described above. MediaNet will release royalties once the conflict has been resolved.
How do I receive my royalties from MediaNet?
SOCAN, the Canadian performing rights society, will be administering your settlement agreement with MediaNet. You will receive payment from SOCAN in the form of a direct deposit (ACH) or paper check. To receive a paper check, contact MediaNet support with your delivery details.
How much money will I receive?
The royalties you will receive depends on several factors, including:
  1. the number of plays of sound recordings embodying your musical works
  2. the total number of plays of all sound recordings
  3. previous payments. Some of the tracks you may claim through this Portal have been partially paid, therefore you may not receive additional royalties for all of your claims
These amounts will be calculated in accordance with the terms of your license with MediaNet.
I administer several catalogs; how do I upload them?
Each CWR you upload should contain one unique IPI number. You will receive one statement detailing your unpaid royalties for each IPI.
So, if you wish to receive one statement for all the catalogs you administer, upload one CWR with one IPI for all your catalogs.
If you wish to receive a statement for each catalog, submit separate CWRs and separate IPIs for each one.
What if I need help?
MediaNet has email support staff ready to answer all your questions! Please email

If you'd like to be notified of new MediaNet Claiming Portal features and services, please sign up here.